All enrolled families must adhere to the following policies:


Payments may be made via cash, personal check &money order (made out to: “Saving the West”), or card.  All card payments will be charged a 3% transaction fee.

Monthly payments must be paid in full prior to first tutoring session unless otherwise agreed upon by the management.  Late payments must be discussed with management and may result in a late fee of $20 or dismissal of the student.  A payment is considered late after 14 days.

REFUNDS WILL NOT BE ISSUED for un-used sessions or cancellations.


Violations to the “Code of Conduct” policy can result in verbal warnings, loss of privileges, phone calls home, and dismissal without refund for the student—depending on the severity of the offense.  Additionally, we reserve the right to permanently dismiss a student for bullying, unwillingness to work, and any unsafe behavior.


Cancellations or Late Arrivals

NO SHOW/ TARDY POLICY– Students with tutoring appointments have fifteen minutes to arrive for their scheduled appointment. If you do not arrive within 15 minutes of your appointment’s scheduled start time, you will be considered a NO SHOW. Tutors are no longer obligated to meet with a student who arrives more than 15 minutes late for his/her session, but they may still choose to do so at their discretion. CANCELLATION POLICY–Parents are advised to give a 24-hour notice before their session time; Please send us a message to or leave a voicemail at (818) 813-1380.

Appointments cancelled less than three hours of the scheduled start time (or 15 minutes after the appointment has already started) are considered LATE CANCELLATIONS. Student-cancelled appointments must be verified by parent(s)/guardian(s). If an appointment is cancelled due to a medical emergency, student must bring a doctor’s note. To cancel an appointment outside normal operating hours, please send us a message to or leave a voicemail at (818) 813-1380.

THREE NO SHOW AND/OR LATE CANCELLATIONS occurring within a semester or term period (within 9 weeks) may result in loss of all tutoring appointments for the remainder of the semester as we have a wait list for other students. No shows and late cancellations are non-refundable for that month’s program.

Photo Release

The Ed Center reserves the right to take photographs of enrolled children and have the authority to copyright, use and publish in print and/or electronically including for publicity, illustration, advertising, and Web content.

Field Trips

Children attending field trips must continue to follow the previously mentioned “Code of Conduct.” Insured private drivers (staff, volunteers, or parents of The Ed Center) may be used to transport students to and from the activity.


Click here for the printable Parent Policies

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