Other Programming


GED & College Tutoring


Tutoring for students taking GED classes and lower-level (community) college classes are available.

Please contact to schedule a date and time.

College Prep: This series aids high school student in the college process.

Financial Aid Workshop

We will soon be hosting a FAFSA workshop series for graduating seniors.  This aims to help families navigate the college financial aid process.

SAT Programs


This program is currently provided through our College Bound partners and the West Angeles Education and Enrichment Program.  Through these programs, your students will have access to Princeton Review’s SAT prep course at highly discounted rates.

For more information on SAT prep and college preparatory material, please visit our partner site.

College Preparation Assistance

Preparing a student for college is a major undertaking.  Don’t wait until the last minute to prepare your child for success.  It is never too early to begin planning for their future and educating yourself on all of the necessary documents and procedures needed to give them the best opportunities available.

We have attached an amazing study that will give you much needed information on college readiness and all of the preparation that goes into getting your student to the next-level academically.

Click Here To View/Download: College Readiness, by David T. Conley